Quorum Notice


Iowa County Planning & Zoning Committee Public Hearing

A QUORUM of the Town Board & the Land Use Commission may be in attendance at the Public Hearing (zoning petition) to be held on Thursday, June 28, 2018 at 6:00 P.M.  This hearing will be held at 212 North Iowa Street, 2nd Floor Conference Room – Courthouse, Dodgeville, Wisconsin.

Nancy Parkos – Clerk

Driveway Review – June 22, 2018



Driveway Permit Application


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Ridgeway Town Board will meet at 4646 County Road H, Ridgeway, at 7:00 AM on Friday, June 22, 2018, to inspect & determine if the DRIVEWAY PERMIT applied for by Applicant/Owners Tod & Cari Enger meets the minimum standards of the Town of Ridgeway.


Nancy Parkos/Clerk

May 9, 2018 Construction Update – USH 18 Iowa County Traffic Switch


There are NO LEFT HAND TURNS onto any of the side roads through the construction zone from County Highway YZ to County Highway HHH on the East side of Ridgeway.  People should travel past the left hand turn & proceed down the road to the nearest intersection where they can safely turn around & then proceed in the opposite direction & take a right hand turn onto the Road they are trying to get to.

This will be the case for the entire duration of Stage 2 (which is currently anticipated to last until mid July).  At this time we will switch the bi-directional traffic to the East Bound lanes for Stage 3.  Again, there will be NO LEFT HAND TURNS possible to any of the side roads during State 3.  People again should travel past the side road, turn around at the nearest safe location & proceed in the opposite direction & take a right hand turn on the desired side road.  This will be the case until the NEW interchange is open to traffic which is currently scheduled to be sometime in October.

Project Leader:   Tadd Qwens, DAAR Corporation
Phone:  (608) 617-5460
Email:  [email protected]
Project Manager:  Alex Hagen, P.E. – WisDOT
Phone:  (608) 246-3830
Email:  [email protected]