USH 18/151 Iowa County Weekly Construction Update After the holiday weekend, work will resume both directions on USH 18

For the week of September 3rd here is the anticipated work schedule::

Work in the westbound lanes:

  • Right/Driving lane will be closed and will move daily for asphalt paving operations, starting at the east end and moving west.  The location of the closure will change daily.
  • Ramp Closures

    • Westbound CTH ID on/off ramps will be closed on Wednesday and Friday
    • Westbound Ridgevue off ramp will be closed on Thursday and Saturday
  • Additional work includes cleanup work at the Jones Street Bridge, installation of guard rail, removal of temporary barrier wall, curb and gutter at intersections, temporary pavement marking

 Work in the eastbound lanes:

  • Left/passing lane closed from Ridgevue/CTH BB/CTH HHH Interchange to Pikes Peak

    • Sawing
    • Base patching
    • Centerline Joint repair
  • Left/passing lane closed from CTH ID to E County Line

    • Sawing
    • Base patching
    • Centerline joint repair

 The speed limit is reduced to 55mph throughout the work zone both eastbound and westbound

For more information, please visit the project website: