US Highway 18/151 Update

Update from Tadd Owens, DAAR Engineering:

Right now, the plan is to finish removing the crossovers and the median crossings at CTH HHH/Prairie Road and at Ridgevue Road by the end of the day next Monday. The contractors will switch traffic to the inside lanes on Monday night and Tuesday they will work on removing the intersection at old Ridgevue Road, at old CTH HHH coming out of Ridgeway and at old Prairie Road off the end of the new cul de sac.

This means that next Tuesday morning, all of the locals should be using the new interchange. Access to USH 18 / 151 via old Prairie Road and old Ridgevue Road will be eliminated (forever).

The public should be aware that there may still be some work occurring in the interchange area and they should be alert but that they will begin using the new interchange full time.