Welcome to the Town of Ridgeway

The Town of Ridgeway, located in Iowa County, Wisconsin covers 48.75 miles of roads along miles of magnificent scenery through deep woods, broad vistas from high ridges and rock bluffs over deep clear brooks.  Folklore Village (www.FolkloreVillage.com) is a unique rural folk life center with a broad range of cultural and recreational programs for all ages is located in the town.  Another unique and popular site is Hyde's Mill, built by Ted Sawle, Sr. at the original site of the 1850 dam on Mill Creek.  Untouched by the glaciers the country lies in the unglaciated "driftless" area where rolling hills and rugged stone bluffs stand proud giving shape to a landscape of wooded hills, ravines and the cultivated mosaic of farm fields.

The Regular monthly meetings of the Town of Ridgeway Town Board are posted in 3 places -

Town Hall
6300 Prairie Road, Ridgeway, WI

Farmers Savings Bank
609 Main Street, Ridgeway Branch &

Ridgeway Post Office
Main Street, Ridgeway, WI

The meetings are held in the Town Hall, usually the first Wednesday night each month.